Family Drug Court (FDC) –
FDC is a voluntary program for parents with substance abuse problems whose children are in the legal custody Department of Child Safety.  FDC provides extra support and accountability while these parents are working on their recovery from addiction to drugs (including prescription drugs) and/or alcohol.

How to join –
To start the intake process, parents must first observe an FDC session.  They need to call 724-2256 to schedule a time to observe.  The deadline to join is one month after the parent’s first Dependency Review hearing.

Extra support –
FDC participants are assigned a specially trained DCS/FDC Case Specialist and Recovery Support Specialist who help them get into the right treatment, stay in treatment, and finish successfully.  They will also be assigned a Peer Mentor who is a graduate from FDC. Members of the FDC team will have frequent contact with the parents and helps them solve problems that might prevent them from getting clean and sober.

Extra accountability –
During FDC sessions, participants appear before the FDC judge with their DCS/FDC Case Specialist to talk about their progress in recovery. Their compliance with treatment and drug/alcohol testing will be addressed. If they have relapsed, that will be addressed as well. A finding of compliance or non-compliance will be made for each participant. 

Pros and cons –
The FDC Judge reports a parent’s compliance to his/her Dependency Judge. Whether doing well or not, the Dependency Judge will find out more frequently. If a parent does well, there are incentives. If a parent does poorly, there are “responses.” Participants in FDC may be eligible for extra services like evidence-based parenting classes that include extra visits with their children, individual therapy to address trauma issues, stabilization housing, job training referrals and monthly bus passes.