Family Drug Court (FDC) –
Pima County's Family Drug Court (FDC) is a voluntary program to assist families, for whom substance abuse contributed to the dependency case, in achieving lasting permanency by ensuring child safety and improving parenting capacity, family functioning, and child well-being. FDC uses a coordinated, multi-system approach to provide intensive case management, peer support, judicial oversight, evidence-based services, and wraparound services to parents with substance abuse problems, and their dependent children. FDC provides extra support and accountability while these parents are working on their recovery from addiction to drugs, including prescription drugs, and/or alcohol.

Family Drug Court participants will receive help that they may not be able to get anywhere else:

An FDC participant will have a Recovery Support Specialist assigned to them to provide support during the dependency case.

The FDC participant will have an entire team including the FDC Judge, Department of Child Safety (DCS) Case Specialist, Recovery Support Specialist and more team members encouraging them to succeed.

The FDC participant will come to Drug Court every week after they start the program to report their progress to the Judge. As the client makes progress, they will come less often.

The structured nature of FDC ensures that the FDC participants cover all areas in their case and never "fall through the cracks."

The FDC staff know the dependency and behavioral health systems, and will advocate for FDC participants to receive all the services they need for success.

Participating in Family Drug Court can dramatically increase the participant's chances for a successful outcome in their dependency case.

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