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Welcome to the Pima County Juvenile Court Center

  • Pima County Juvenile Court
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The Juvenile Court represents the judicial branch of government and has been constitutionally entrusted by the people to advance and protect the rule of law. We maintain jurisdiction over all children under the age of eighteen and their families who are referred to us for the fair and just resolution of disputes. Therefore, in accordance with the due process of law, our mission is to promote and facilitate community safety through:

  • the protection of abused and neglected children through the provision and oversight of services to children and families involved with the court;
  • the restoration of victims, families and the community; and
  • the reduction of delinquent behavior by holding juveniles accountable through a continuum of prevention, rehabilitation and transition programs.

The Vision of the Juvenile Court is to enhance the quality of life in Pima County by providing leadership, resources and the commitment by our staff to strengthen our community and services for children and families.



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