Judicial Procedures & Protocols

The Court, in collaboration with many of it's stakeholders, has developed procedures or protocols that are designed to promote efficiencies and outcomes that are consistent with the requirements of the law. We are posting those protocols for your reference. They are procedures that are suggested for use to the judges, lawyers and litigants at the court. Please understand that these protocols are not rules that are required to be followed in each case brought before the court. Variations will arise from case to case.

Appointment of Counsel - Attorney Fees - Paper Referrals  
Child Support Protocol  
Court Attendance for Incarcerated Parents  
Electronic and Photographic Coverage of Public Judicial Proceedings  
GAL's in Delinquency Matters  
IV-D Alpha Split  
Judicial Supervision Program Information Sheet  
Juvenile Competency Procedure  
Non-Appearance Protocol  
Parent Education Notice  
Paternity or Dissolution Protocol  
Severance Pilot Protocol  
Terminating Attorney Contracts