Glossary of Terms and Acronyms
ACYF The Administration for Children, Youth and Families is a division of the Department of Economic Security. DCS belongs to this division.
ADOC Arizona Department of Corrections.
AG Attorney General
AHCCCS Arizona Heath Care Cost Containment System: This is the State of Arizona's indigent health insurance program.
ALTCS Arizona Long Term Care System: This is the part of AHCCCS that provides long-term care for eligible people unable to care for themselves
ARS Arizona Revised Statutes: This is the collection of Arizona's laws. The state legislature crafts the statutes and the courts interpret them.
AZEIP Arizona Early Intervention Program: This program provides services to young children identified with developmental challenges.
AYAP Arizona Young Adult Program: This is a program of DCS. Youth 15 years old and older can participate in this program to learn independent living skills in preparation for living independently.
CASA Court Appointed Special Advocate
CENPATICO Cenpatico is our RHBA (Regional Behavioral Health Authority). Cenpatico establishes and oversees contracts with local behavioral health service providers.
CFT Child and Family Team
CMDP Comprehensive Medical and Dental Plan: This is the medical and dental insurance coverage provided for children in Department of Child Safety care.
DCS Department of Child Safety: This is the division of the Department of Economic Security that is responsible for the safety of children.
DES Department of Economic Security: A State of Arizona Department with many branches intended to see to the wellbeing of the residents of Arizona. DCS is one of it's many branches. It is often referred to as the 'the Department'.
DRCT "direct" Disciplinary Review and Consultation Team. This is a meeting of professionals who are working with the child and family to attempt to put services in place that will be of the most help. This team can also be used to assist case managers with case planning for difficult cases or for clients that have repeatedly come into Department of Child Safety. Parents are interviewed for this process, too, and when everyone has been interviewed, the team provides the case manager with their recommendations.
DSM-IV The DSM-IV is a diagnostic tool used within the mental health system. It establishes a classification system that allows people to use shared meanings when discussing mental health illnesses and disorders.
DV Domestic Violence. This is the term used for any incident of threating behavior, violence or abuse (psychological, physical, sexual, financial or emotional) between adults who are or have been intimate partners or family members, regardless of their gender. This term is often used in court when the attorneys and Department of Child Safety are discussiong the parent's history and previous police or court contact with the family.
ESPDT EARLY SCREENING PROGNOSTIC DIAGNOSIS TEST. All children who come into Department of Child Safety custody have this exam within 72 hours of being placed in foster care. This exam is used by Department of Child Safety to look for medical conditions that may require additional attention or further testing.
FCRB Foster Care Review Board
GAL (Guardian Ad Litem) A court appointed attorney whose job is to represent the best interests of the person they are appointed to. A guardian can be appointed to adults or children whom the Court believes need additional support while going through the legal process. A GAL differs from an attorney because they represent what is in their client's best interests while an attorney represents the client's whishes to the court.
ICWA Indian Child Welfare Act. This is a federal act which gives special federal and state runes for persons registered with a tribe or who are eligible for registration.
ICPC Interstate Compact for the Placement of Children. In order for a child in DCS custody to be placed in another state, the receiving state has to give permission for the child to be placed there and for that state's child welfare services department to oversee the case. A request from DCS in Pima County would go to the Arizona ICPC Office in Phoenix. Phoenix whould then contact the ICPC office in the capital of the receiving state. That office sends the request on to the county where the child is being asked to be placed. Only if the receiving state approves the placement and is willing to accept oversight of the child can a child be placed in another state.
IEP Individual Eduction Plan. This is a specific plan for a specific child intended to meet his or her special educational needs. School personnel, parents and other interested parties work together to develop the IEP.
NA Narcotic Anomymous is a twelve step program like Alcoholics Anonymous (AA).
PPH Preliminary Protective Hearing. This is the first case in a dependency action. The court reaffirms the temporary legal custody orders, apprives the draft case plan, and enters any needed orders regarding placement, visitation or services.
RBHA Pronunced "Reba". This is the State of Arizon's Regional Behavioral Health Authority. It gets the State's behavioral health dollars for our region and then contracts with various agencies to provide behavioral health services.
SMI Seriously Mentally Ill. This is the designation given to people who have severe mental illnesses and therefore qualify for specific services from the mental health systems.
TANF Temporary Aid for Needy Families. This is a cash assistance to families. It was formerly known as AFCD or simple welfare.
TCN Temporary Custody Notice. This is a form given to parent or caregiver when a child is removed from them. This form contains information about how to contact the case manager in charge of the case, gives you the case managers phone number and may contain other important information.