Q. “I do not remember my password and login information. Can Human Resources provide me with my login and password?”

A. Human Resources is unable to access your personal account information. Please go to and click on the returning applicants tab, click on the login button and then click on the “I forgot my password,” to have this information emailed to you.

Q. “I submitted an application a few weeks ago. How do I find out the status of my application?”

A. By providing an e-mail address you will receive status notifications regarding your application as it goes through the recruitment/screening process.

Q. “I would like to apply for a job. Do you have a paper application that can be downloaded to my computer or sent to me?”

A. The Pima County Juvenile Court only accepts online applications. You can start by creating an account online at

Q. “Can I send you a résumé instead of completing the online application?”

A. Unless otherwise instructed, résumés are not accepted in lieu of an online application; however, you may upload your résumé document along with your online application for most recruitments.

Q. “If I do not meet the qualifications for the job title I am interested in, should I still apply?”

A. While you may still submit an application, only those applications meeting the minimum requirements of the job will be invited to continue in the recruitment process.

Q. “I have already submitted my application and now need to change my contact information. How can I update this?”

A. You may change your contact information at

Q. "Who do we contact if we still have unanswered questions related to Human Resources issues?"

A. Call 724-5019 and we will assist you.