Officer Safety and Training/Dispatch

This unit includes a probation supervisor, two lead probation officers, three dispatchers and the Court Librarian.

Our Probation Safety Supervisor and two lead officers are responsible for ensuring all new officers complete our Probation Fundamental Skill Program including field supervision training, the statewide Probation Certification Academy, the Defensive Tactics Academy and the Firearms Academy for officers authorized to carry a firearm.  This unit also tracks and coordinates the mandated safety training refresher courses, develops and updates information in the electronic Probation Manual and manages our safety equipment inventory.

The issue of officer safety is a growing concern as the population of Pima County increases. Since 2003, the probation division has operated our own dispatch system.  Through the use of two-way radios, PCJCC officers have the ability to communicate with a base station.  Our dispatchers keep track of officer locations and monitor their safety.  We have three full-time dispatchers and two intermittent dispatchers operating the dispatch unit approximately 95 hours each week.

John Jackson
Assistant Division Director