Geographic Teams

The probation division is organized to provide case management by geographic teams.  Currently, we have eight geographic teams covering Pima County. These teams are grouped in three regional areas with three south teams, three east teams and two north teams.  Team boundaries are designed somewhat around school boundaries, although census tracts are used to determine team assignments.  Geographic case assignments allow for a case to remain within a team regardless of where the case is within the formal process.  Each team has officers to handle cases at the evaluation level, diversion level, investigation level and field supervision level. Safe School officers are also assigned to teams based on the geographic location of their assigned school. The teams at our northwest office also include JIPS level officers.  With the exception of the north teams, all other cases assigned to JIPS are sent to our central JIPS office where once again case assignment is done geographically. Each geographic team has a surveillance officer as well as a clerical support person.

Sex Offender Team

Officers who have received specialized training handle juveniles who are referred for sexual offenses.  These cases are also assigned geographically to allow efficient supervision.  Within our geographic team, we have four specialists in each of three regions.  We have a team of four officers assigned to the north portion of the city, four to the east and four to the south.  One of the officers in each area covers juveniles with sex offenses that are at the evaluation and investigation levels, one officer covers cases that are at the diversion and field probation levels and the third officer covers JIPS cases.  A surveillance officer is also assigned to each of the three areas to assist with community supervision of these cases.

Support Services Team

Our support services team is comprised of our clerical team support, our victim services workers and our Report Production Team (RPT).  Team support is responsible for daily support of probation team functions. They perform a variety of tasks to include data entry, correspondence, victim notification, transcription and file preparation.  Victim services complete victim related data entry, notifications and conversion of community service to dollars for victim restitution (RAP).

Chris Vogler
Director of Probation Services