Probation WorkspaceThe probation division has 217 full-time employees. We receive financial support through county, state, and grant funding. On any given day in 2010, Pima County juvenile probation officers supervised 684 adjudicated youth who were placed on Probation by the Court.  Of the 684 youth under daily supervision, 138 were on Juvenile Intensive Probation Supervision (JIPS).  However, these probationers represent only 9.5% of all youth referred to the Juvenile Court and served by the probation division in 2010. The majority of youth have an opportunity to handle their referral without being placed on Probation. Approximately 68% of all juvenile referrals in 2010 were diverted from the formal court process.  These juveniles received a diversion consequence and the opportunity to avoid a delinquent adjudication.

From January through December 2010, the division received 11,430 referrals for delinquent or incorrigible allegations. Each one of the 7,147 youth involved in these referrals was individually interviewed, and in all cases where there was an admission or adjudication, consequences were assigned based on individual risk and need.  For juveniles referred for relatively minor charges, the consequence might consist of 20 hours of community restitution work and participation in an education program. Others with more severe referrals might be referred to treatment or educational programs, ordered to pay restitution or complete community restitution work.  These juveniles could be placed on Standard Probation, Juvenile Intensive Probation Supervision, committed to the Arizona Department of Juvenile Corrections or transferred to the adult court system.

Additional information regarding the Probation Division is available within the Annual Report and Report Card.


Chris Vogler
 Director of Probation Services
Chief Probation Officer