The Executive Office of the Juvenile Court is directly responsible for the following areas. All other divisions have a director which reports to the Court Administrator

  • Clinical Services - The mission of clinical services is to assure evidence-based, best-practice treatment services for all court-involved children and adolescents through consultation, professional assessment, clinical collaboration, and advocacy.

  • Contracts & Grants - Grants and Contracts is responsible for developing, monitoring, and providing support services to Court Divisions and Departments to develop funding opportunities and resources.

      Grants: serves as a central repository and information resource and technical adviser to staff and divisions seeking grant funding for a particular project or program, provides research and background information to develop a detailed, well supported grant application. Work closely with staff to identify needs, goals, objectives, implementation plan, and provides assistance drafting the grant application. Collaborate with identified project partners to determine interrelated tasks and activities and create agreements to solidify those partnerships. Provide reminders and assistance to create effective and thorough grant reports and assist with financial management. Conducts grant management activities including compliance and assurances, and maintenance of award management systems,

      Contracts: Determines the optimum method to procure a wide variety of resources, products, goods and services according to the Judicial Procurement Rules. Conducts competitive bid processes and procurement evaluation activities. Coordinates with Attorney General's Office to ensure contractors and contract provisions comply with applicable federal and state statutes, regulations, and Court policy. Additional resources may be procured or agreed upon via a coordinated partnership agreement such as a Memorandums of Agreement, an Intergovernmental Agreements, and/or Funding Agreements.

  • Facilities Services -The mission of Pima County Juvenile Court Centerís Facilities Services Unit is to effectively and efficiently provide maintenance and operational services that support the Court, staff, ancillary staff, and the public in their pursuit of excellence in their departmental, individual and community objectives.

    Our services are directed toward the pursuit of sustainability in the maintenance and operation throughout the Court facility.

    Facilities Services vision is to achieve customer satisfaction, employee excellence, and to offer everyone entering the Court Center a safe and clean environment.†
  • Research & Evaluation - The mission of the PCJCC Research & Evaluation Unit is to provide high quality research and program evaluation services in order to help facilitate court administration decision making and the development and implementation of court initiatives and programs.


Tina M. Mattison
Deputy Court Administrator

Jennifer Torchia
Director of Juvenile Court Services
Chief Probation Officer