The Pima County Juvenile Court Center has developed and implemented a mentoring program to help the youth in our community who are currently in detention and those who have been released.  We hope to make a difference in the lives of youth and help them as they make their transition back into the community.     

The mentoring program’s goals are to help youth develop life skills in the following areas:

  • Develop Structured Law Abiding Living Skills
  • Develop Restorative Accountability Skills
  • Develop an ability to Avoid Trouble or Relapse Prevention Skills
  • Developing Self Sufficiency Skills
  • Develop Positive Support System Building Skills

Mentors help their youth develop their life skills by:

  • Supporting youth and encouraging positive choices
  • Being a positive role model to the youth
  • Teaching youth and helping them learn

The mentors go through a process before they are matched.

1. Volunteers must be 21 years old

2. Complete a volunteer application and schedule fingerprinting and an interview.

3. Attend an orientation about the program and mentor training.

4. Provide proof of valid Driver’s License/Auto Insurance.

5. Upon clearance of an extensive background check and completion of the orientation/training, you will be contacted to arrange a meeting time with your assigned youth.

Youth are also required to attend training where they learn about the program and what is expected from them while participating in the program.

Pima County Juvenile Court CENTER COMMUNITY Youth Mentoring program

In partnership with:


Davis-Monthan Air force Base

Davis Monthan Air Force Base

Volunteer Center of Southern Arizona

Volunteer Center of Southern Arizona

Tucson Southern Arizona Black Chamber of Commerce

Tucson Southern Arizona Black Chamber of Commerce

Sueno Mentor Project/Pima County Bar Association

Some thoughts about the program thus far:

I believe this program will be good for me. I am looking for someone to talk to and be here for me through tough times. Someone who is really interested in me, a good friend who won’t get me into bad situations. Just someone to talk to. ~Anita~Youth

This has been an eye opening experience. I consider this an opportunity to get involved in the community and to also have the ability to change the course of human life. ~SMSgt Benavides~Mentor

I think this program will be a good thing for me. I need some kind of friend and some kind of person to look up to. ~Daniel~Youth

Being a mentor is easily the most rewarding volunteer work I’ve ever done. In just a few short weeks, you find that you care so much about these kids. You rejoice in their progress, feel their pain, and encourage them all you can in their struggles to learn life skills. It’s hard to believe that just one hour a week can make such a difference, but sometimes all these kids really need is for someone to show them that they care, and to know that they have someone in their corner pulling for them. We’ve all had somebody somewhere in our past that really inspired us or helped us to keep going during a tough spot in our lives. Being a mentor gives us a chance to give back what we received and to hopefully inspire someone else in a similar way. ~MSgt Neal~ Mentor

It Only Takes One!
Be A Mentor!!
If interested, please contact:
Monica Dominguez/Special Project Supervisor
Pima County Juvenile Court Center

Be a Mentor Flyer

Mentor Brochure

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