DETENTION F.A.Q. (Frequently asked questions)

Q. Is my child safe?

A. Yes. Your child is continuously supervised. Our staff are trained in safety, first aid, communication strategies, and intervention techniques. Our officers serve as mentors and work to help encourage positive behavior in our youth.

Q. Is my child housed with anyone else?

A. There may be up to 16 youth housed in one Living Unit and only one youth per room.

Q. Does my child have someone to speak with while in Detention?

A. Youth have staff who are assigned as mentors, to speak to 24 hours per day/seven days per week. Mental health staff are available and religious/spiritual advisors are available upon request. All youth are assigned a Mentor who works with them one on one.

Q. When are visiting hours?

A. Please see the visiting hours schedule under Visitation, Mail and Phone Privileges Section. Additionally, only visitors who have been approved by the youth's probation officer may visit.

Q. Can I bring young children to visitation and or friends of mine?

A. Please see Visitation, Mail and Phone Privilege Section.

Q. Do you have staff to watch my children in the waiting room while I am visiting with my child?

A. No. You must bring a responsible adult to supervise your children in the visitation waiting room while you visit with your child.

Q. How can I bring items into Detention and what items may I bring in?

A. Youth receive all of the supplies they need while in Detention. A parent or guardian is responsible to provide prescribed medication, medical items, glasses or contacts to the Master Control window. It could take up to 24 hours for medications to be approved, as they must go through the Registered Nurse Practitioner or Medical Doctor in Detention. It is important that our medical department have accurate and up to date contact information so they can reach you in case they have any medical questions.

Q. How do I arrange a special visit with my child?

A. All special visits are arranged through your child's probation officer. Please contact them if you have questions.

Q. Can I bring in my child’s school books and school work?

A. Yes we encourage youth to complete any outside school work that is provided. Please contact the youth's Probation Officer to make school work arrangements.

Q. What does my child do in Detention all day?

A. Please see section under Education Services and Detention Programs.

Q. Can I call my child in Detention?

A. No, the Probation Officer will provide youth with their necessary phone calls.

Q. How can I find out how my child is doing in Detention?

A. You may call your child's Probation Officer to obtain information regarding your child.

Q. When my child is released from Detention, how long does the process take?

A. The release process may begin only when the parent or guardian arrives at the Master Control window. The staff will work as quickly as possible to complete the release process, once the release paperwork is received from the Probation Officer. Determinations about the length of time your child will be detained is up to the Judge.

Q. Will my child leave Detention with any paperwork?

A. Youth detained 30 days or longer will be released with their Transition Portfolio to help them be successful in the community upon release.

Q. How do I go about reporting a concern?

A. All internal concerns, related to Detention, can be directed to our Program Coordinator of Quality Assurance and Improvement at 520-724-9874. If it is a concern regarding an outside agency, you may be referred to that agency, or the Probation Department. 

Q. Who do I speak with regarding any medical, dietary restrictions, allergies, or mental health challenges?

A. Please contact our Health Services Administrator at 520-724-4592.

Q. How do I go about requesting a tour of detention?

A. You may contact one of our Juvenile Detention Alternative Specialist at 520-724-2252.

Q. What is the difference between a physical and a paper referral?

A.  A physical referral is when your child is brought to Detention by law enforcement or probation for an alleged offense or violation.  A paper referral is when law enforcement provides your child with paper documentation for an alleged offense. It is also forwarded to the County Attorney's Office.

Q. What are the Probation Department contact numbers for main building and Northwest office?

A. The main reception number in the court lobby is 520-724-2000.  The Northwest office is 520-724-2700.

Q. How does my child get community service?

A. Please speak with your child's probation officer for information about potential community service sites.

Q. Are there parenting classes available within the community?

A. Many behavioral health agencies offer parenting classes or can provide you with resources for available within the community if you are enrolled with them.  There are also numerous websites online for organizations that provide parenting classes in Pima County.