The Court and Calendar Services Division of the Pima County Juvenile Court provides support services to the bench, the public and both internal and external clients. The division is comprised of the Assessment Office, Calendar Services, Reception, Records Management, and Mail Services.

  • Assessment Office - is tasked with reviewing client's financial statements and making recommendations to the court on the appropriate assessments for various services. Currently, families are assessed the following fees, when appropriate; attorney fees, detention fees, probation fees, diversion fees, victim fees, placement fees, administrative fees and time payment fees. The amount of the fee varies depending on the family's gross income as compared to the Health and Human Services Poverty Guidelines. If you are required to pay fines, penalties, fees or other financial obligations as a result of a judgement of this court and you are unable to pay, bring this information to the attention of The Pima County Juvenile Court Assessment Office because payments over time or other alternatives may be available.  Do not ignore your responsibility to pay, as this may result in additional penalties and costs to you.  For more information, contact the Assessment Office at 520-724-9445.
  • Calendar Services - is responsible for overseeing the judicial calendars. The calendar clerks perform many functions in support of the bench, the public, attorneys, and both internal and external clients in addition to maintenance of the calendar. They routinely verify court dates over the phone for all interested parties, maintain records of attorney appointments, bailiff when needed, and process new petitions to name a few. Should you need to contact the Calendar Office the number is 724-2900.
  • Reception - staff is located on both the first and second floors of the Pima County Juvenile Courts. You will find our receptionists very courteous and friendly. They will graciously direct you to the appropriate person or area to handle any of your needs or concerns. The main number for the Pima County Juvenile Court is 724-2000.
  • Records Management - personnel are tasked with maintaining the Juvenile Court's file room. The file clerk routinely pulls files upon request and routes them to the appropriate individual or area. The clerk is responsible for archiving files once the juvenile turns 18. The clerk also retrieves files from archives upon request from other law enforcement agencies for review or for court officers when there has been a request for Destruction of Records.
  • Mail Services - is responsible for the daily distribution of both interoffice and U.S. mail. The mailroom clerk picks up and distributes mail on a set schedule each day. The clerk is responsible for ensuring that mail is picked up and delivered or posted in a timely manner to the appropriate area.


Kelly Morissey
Court & Calendar Services Manager
520 724-2072